Feed Scale

Domestic birds like chicken need constant feeding, since they cannot find food by themselves, unlike their wild ancestors. Farmers working in a poultry house need to feed the birds every day, and feed scale allows them to deliver the right amount of food to the chicks, due to electronic feeding systems provided by AgroLogic LTD.

Feed Scale – No Chick Left Hungry

Modern equipment like feeding systems designed for the feed scale allows the workers of poultry house to feed the chicks by the book. In contrast to manual feeding, this automatic feeding makes sure that all the birds fed properly. Here are some benefits of the feed systems:

  • The feeder has a weighing system that can measure the amounts of food for the chicks. Thus, different amounts of food spread, depending on whether there are chicks or broilers in the poultry house.
  • The system provides information about water records.
  • Modern feeder has several electronic parts: load cells, electronic controllers, motorized door and a mechanical drum.
  • The food spread automatically several times a day.
  • Alarm message sent to the farm workers in case of device malfunction.
  • The automatic feeder saves the workers’ time by regularly feeding the chick, leading to saving money.

The Influence of Other Systems

Several systems, besides the feeding systems, affect the chicks’ conditions. For example, climate controller makes sure that the birds kept worm, the Co2 sensor alerts when the amounts of the Co2 are above normal, weighing equipment allow the workers to follow the chicks’ growth and egg counter allow the counting without the need to touch the eggs, exposing them to possible damage.

The Health Benefits

The chicken is the most popular table bird around the world. Today many people are aware of its health benefit. The chicken is a good source of protein, helps reducing stress and prevents cardiovascular diseases.