Egg Counter

One of the most important devices in a poultry house is an egg counter. Farmers need to know the exact amount of fertilized and unfertilized eggs, so they can maintain the poultry house properly. AgroLogic LTD is an experienced company founded in 1988. The company provides farmers various electronic solutions like egg counters, sensors, communication systems, lighting systems, climate controllers, etc.

Egg Counter – all the Benefits in one Counter

Egg counters help the farmers in organizing the eggs. Here are some benefits every farmer can get from buying an egg counter:

  • The electronic device can count conveyers and belts.
  • The counter can input data from other egg counters.
  • The counting information can be stored for long – up to 7 days.
  • Counter’s data delivered to other devices such as PC, smartphones or tablets.
  • Every worker can easily operate the counter, and it includes image controller.
  • Due to the electronic device, the eggs counted without touching. Hence, no one can damage them accidentally.
  • During the counting, the workers do not have to separate the eggs.

The Equipment that Saves the Day

Egg counter is just one of the many electronic devices that help the farmers in their work. Today, poultry and house workers can enjoy automatic feeding systems, wireless alarm systems, lighting systems, water meter and other modern devices. Only a good and experienced company can provide equipment of high standard that can work for many years.

Eggs are good for you

Eggs are an important part of the human diet. While fertilized eggs create a new generation of chicks that eventually arrive at our refrigerator, the unfertilized eggs (table eggs), contain many vitamins like B, C or D. Moreover, eggs known as a good source of, omega 3 protein, Calcium, vitamin B12 etc. Finally, eggs help in preventing health problems including high blood pressure, eye damage or breast cancers.