House Ventilation

House Ventilation

We all like to breathe fresh air, however sometimes we find it difficult to breathe in a closed room or a building, so we open a window or turn on the air conditioner. Similarly, the chicks that live in a poultry house need a good house ventilation system for their wellbeing. AgroLogic LTD provides various electronic solutions to the farmers, including ventilation and climate control systems. The company founded in 1988 works to improve the technology and provide the best equipment for poultry houses.

 Things you should know about House Ventilation Systems

As farmers, you know that clean air is important for the poultry. Hence, buying a good house ventilation system is crucial for the birds. Before buying it, here are some things for your information:

  • The ventilation system is good for the health. It carries out toxic gases and provides fresh oxygen to the room.
  • The ventilation system can save energy and hence save money.
  • House ventilation usually has two systems: the one is artificial airflow provided by fans, and the other is the natural fresh air that comes from outside.
  • A good mechanical ventilation system can maintain the temperature inside the house, regardless the temperature outside the building. Moreover, the system influences other factors. For example, it reduces the humidity in the houses and maintains the levels of the ammonia gas.

From Wild Birds to Table Poultry

Birds like chicken went a long way until they ended being domestic and table birds. Many years ago, they were a wild bird, but then the man understood that chicken meat is a good source of protein. Since then, the man learned to raise birds, and today they live among us, providing a relatively cheap source of food. However, in order to provide a healthy meal in the first place, farmers have to buy an appropriate equipment for poultry houses.