Climate Control

Climate Control

A good farmer knows that climate control is important for the health of the animals he raises, whether he has poultry or pig houses. If you are searching for a good equipment for your house, AgroLogic LTD has the solutions for you. From 1988 and until today, the company improves the systems, including computers, automatic temperature curves, pressure control, etc.

 The Beauty of Climate Control System

A stable temperature at summer or winter is important for pigs and chicken. In our modern days, we can enjoy high standard systems and their advantages:

  • Easy to operate – a good climate control system has a graphic display that controlled easily by the workers.
  • Due to climate controllers, there is a possibility to collect important data about the pig and the poultry houses. You can transfer or update the data you collect via USB port.
  • Automatic operations of light, feeder and water systems.
  • Accessible device – climate controllers managed from any device: personal computers, tables or smartphones.
  • Saving time – the automatic operations provided by the controllers allows the workers to save time by checking on the animals.
  • Saving money – the climate controllers allow the manager to save money, by providing data about the animals kept in the houses. Since the temperature remains steady throughout the year, pig and chicken stay healthy and live for long.


Eating the Best Meat

From very early years until now, the man learned to raise animals for food. Until the big steak arrives to our plate, farmers have to watch them carefully, since the animals are sensitive for changes like sudden cold or lack of food. Fortunately, modern climate control systems measure the environment in which the animals kept and can alert the workers in cases of too low or too high temperature in the houses. A good company provides the best equipment for the farmers.