Chick Scale 205


Chick Scale 205 & 850

ChickScale is a standalone, automatic, electronic in-house poultry weighing system that helps make bird weighing easier, faster and more accurate. It comes in two models:

  • CS205 for use with 2 weighing platforms
  • CS850 for use with 8 weighing platforms

ChickScael  provides farmers with the daily weight data that is necessary for raising flock most effectively and efficiently. The system comes with some unique features and benefits:

  • A complete automatic weighing system
  • Daily average weight coming from a large number of weightings
  • Standard Deviation
  • CV
  • Uniformity with 25 gram steps
  • Reduces bird stress associated with manual weighing
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Current flock age
  • Daily water comsumption (if water meter is installed)
  • Early warning of impending health problems
  • Complete control for optimal delivery time