Image III


Image III

The all-in-one Image III is the most flexible and robust controller for poultry raising. Smart and easy-to-use, it’s designed to handle all your housing needs for the long haul.

Image III has a large 7″, user friendly color touch display

Image III comes with an expandable relay box using sets of 8 relay output modules for up to a maximum of 64 relays

Image III includes 6 analog 0 to 10 Volt outputs for variable fan speed, heating, flap control and light dimming.

The all-inclusive unit provides complete climate control, feed silo weighing, batch weighing, automatic bird weighing and egg counting.

Image III is designed to grow with your business. It saves all data throughout the entire growing period, which can be displayed anytime in graphic format on the color touch-screen display. A front USB port makes updating and transferring information easy to manage.

The controller is designed for use in broilers, pullets, breeders, layers and swine houses, flexibly controlling and regulating all functions of operations including variable speed fans, light dimming, static pressure, humidity, CO2 and more. Temperature reduction and weight curves are included as a standard.

Image III engineered to give you peace of mind, with simple remote control via PC, Web, SMS, Smartphone or Tablet.



Technical specifications:

Power:    230V/50Hz, 115V/60Hz

Outputs: 8 to 64 Dry change over contact relays 230V/2A

6 variable 0-10V

Inputs:    15 Sensor Inputs

20 Digital Inputs

Display:  7” color LCD and touch screen