Co2 Sensor

Carbon Dioxide (Co2) is one of the main gases that surround our planet, and the air contains about 60% of it. Humans and animals produce Co2 during the process of air-breathing. But while in the open air the levels of Co2 are regulated by nature, in a closed place like poultry house it is important to have a Co2 sensor for any case. If you are looking for a good company that provides sensors, AgroLogic LTD has perfect tools and solutions for you, including not only sensors, but also climate controllers, egg counter, communication systems and other equipment.

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Why is it so Crucial to have a Co2 Sensor in the Farm

Here are some points you have to consider, when you question the importance of the Carbon Dioxide Sensor:

  • Healthy poultry provides healthy food, but when the chicks are exposed to high levels of Co2, it can be toxic, since the air is polluted with chemicals like sulfur dioxide or carbon monoxide.
  • Co2 affects the metabolism of the chicks. High levels of this gas can slow down the growth of the chicks (the transformation to broilers may take a while) and the process of laying eggs.
  • Regulating the levels of the Carbon Dioxide can save energy, such as the power you need in order to activate the ventilation system.

The Power of the Co2 Sensor

Having Co2 sensor in the farm is a good decision for the health of the chicks and for saving energy and money eventually. The sensor developed especially for large places, and can fit to poultry farms. Co2 sensor allows you to measure the exact amount of Co2 in the air and clean the houses if needed. Moreover, the sensor developed for the birds and can track any change in the amount of the gas that might harm them.