Static Pressure

Static Pressure

Providing a stable static pressure for poultry houses is one of the most important things a good farmer has to do. This kind of ventilation is important especially in the cold winter since the fragile birds tend to suffer from the cold and might not survive the season if kept in bad conditions. AgroLogic LTD provides advanced technologies for poultry house workers.

Thing you should know about Static Pressure

If you are planning to start a new poultry house, there are some things you need to know about the static pressure:

  • Many farmers ask what should be the range of the pressure in the house. Usually it is between 0.05 and 0.12.
  • However, the pressure in every house is different, so you cannot set the same level of pressure at all the poultry houses.
  • The pressure affects the ventilation. If the house has high levels of pressure, the air will enter the house faster. To contrast, if the pressure is low, the air will enter slowly.
  • Controlling the air – during winter days it is important to have a high pressure, in order to control it. This is due to the fact that the cold air is heavier than hot air. So if the air moves faster due to the high pressure, it can go up, warming up quickly.
  • Workers measure the static pressure by inches (of water).

Controlling the Weather with sensitive static pressure sensor

Controlling the air pressure is an important tool throughout the cold season, but it is also crucial to controlling the temperature in poultry houses anytime. Therefore, a good technological company provides climate controllers that have a lot of features like the ability to collect data in the houses and makes it possible to control the climate from any mobile device: PC, tablet or smartphone. Due to this climate controller, the temperature is in your hands.