Poultry Farming Equipment

Poultry Farming Equipment

Some of us like to throw barbeque parties, and others deliver the barbeque to the table. Poultry farming is a delicate business that involves raising living beings. Broilers are sensitive for weather changes and need regular feeding. In order to help the farmers raise good and healthy chicken, AgroLogic LTD provides modern electronic tools like controllers and sensors that provide important data to the poultry house workers.

What can you get from a Good Poultry Farming?

Are you thinking about establishing your own poultry farm? If your answer is “yes”, you will enjoy many benefits along the way:

  • You do not need a lot of money – to start a poultry farm; you need a basic sum of money. Usually, birds are not very costly.
  • You do not need a lot of space – birds do not require a lot of space, especially if you are just at the beginning of your career. For instance, you can start raising birds in your own backyard. Later, when you see that the poultry business is going well, you can move them to a bigger place.
  • High return – if you raise broilers, you can earn a good sum of money in a short time, since it takes only about 14 weeks until the birds are ready for slaughter.
  • Popular food – unlike other sorts of food, poultry is nutritious and relatively cheap, hence has a lot of demand among various countries.
  • Employment – a new poultry farm is a good employment opportunity for others.

There is One Thing you should Consider while Raising Broilers

Managing a poultry farm  is not an easy thing. You have to make sure that the broilers have enough food and water and that sudden weather changes do not kill the fragile birds. Therefore, every new poultry farm should have advanced electronic climate controllers, egg counters, feed weighing system, cooling system controllers, etc.

Poultry Farming Equipment

Raising chicks for table is not an easy task. Those who have poultry houses need to observe the fragile birds 24/7 and be aware of any change. Today’s poultry farming equipment allows the farmers to work faster, gain many benefits from a productive work and make sure that broilers delivered healthy to the markets. AgroLogic LTD develops various electronic devices suitable for poultry farming.

Poultry Farming Equipment – What do we have today?

In our modern days, farmers can enjoy the advanced farming equipment:

  • Climate controllers – the temperature in poultry houses may change in accord with the weather conditions outside. Climate controllers send data to the farmer’s mobile device, providing him important data about changes inside the houses.
  • C02 sensor – high levels of C02 can cause damage to the chicks and slow down their metabolism. The sensor monitors the Co2 level and reduces it to normal.
  • Lighting systems – LED lightning designed especially for poultry houses: the right amount of light can reduce the costs and improve the productivity.
  • Weighing equipment – weighing scales provide the farmers crucial data about the birds’ weight. Thus, farmers can follow the chicks, as they become broilers.
  • Alarm systems – modern alarm system sends alerts to smartphones when there is a crucial change in the poultry house.
  • Feeding systems – automatic systems send the right amount of food through the feeding scales, so the birds fed in time – whether it is restrictive feeding or free feeding.
  • Egg counter – counting eggs was never easier. Fortunately, counting device can count the eggs accurately without harming them.

Choosing the Reliable Equipment

Large or small poultry houses need reliable poultry farming equipment in order to keep their business on. Therefore, you have to buy your equipment from the right company, making sure that it provides quality tools, so you can keep the broilers healthy and well fed.