Broiler defined as chicken raised mostly for meat. Usually, the broilers recognized due to their white feathers and a bit yellow skin. Until they reach their slaughter weight (about 14 weeks), the birds are kept in poultry houses that provide their needs. Modern farms use advanced technology in order to keep the broilers healthy. AgroLogic LTD designs reliable electronic controllers in order to enhance the productivity of the houses and to enable them to take care of the chicken in a better way.

From Farm to Steak – the Journy of the Broiler

Some of us like to enjoy a good meal including sausages, hamburgers or a chicken soup. However, until the broiler arrives to our table, it goes a long way:

  • The arrival of the eggs – roosters and hens growing on a farm together provide fertilized eggs. These eggs are not good for table, but used to raise broilers.
  • Going to the hatchery – farmers deliver the new eggs to the hatchery, where they have all the conditions they need in order to hatch.
  • Going to the farm – after they hatch, the little chicks delivered to farms, when they raised and kept for about 14 weeks.
  • The processing plant – when the chicks are old enough, they moved to a processing plant and processed humanly. Then they washed and cleaned, ready for selling to the market.
  • Arriving to the market – the meat delivered to the market in chilled containers, keeping the meat fresh and ready for table.

The Tools that Help the Broiler Farmers

Today’s technology provides various solutions for keeping broilers safe and sound until they arrive to the processing plant. Climate controllers, for example, used in many farms and poultry houses in order to collect data about the climate in the houses. Another tool is a vision tool, and it helps the worker to control the poultry house easily.