FeedTronic 1001-A


Feedtronic 1001- A

FeedTronic 1001-A is a highly flexible, powerful and accurate electronic feed weighing system especially designed for breeders and pullet raising where precise restrictive feed control is a must. Extremely flexible and easy to operate, it can be programmed to give different quantities of feed to each hopper.  It can distribute different feed quantities for male and female chickens from two different silos to up to 15 different hoppers. An internal clock starts at a preset time and distributes the desired quantity to each hopper. Using its on/off timer, it can operate the various feed lines up to 8 times per day.

The unit displays the total daily quantity of feed per hopper, as well as the total flock feed consumption. In case of malfunction or an empty silo, the unit will stop the auger motor and activate the built-in alarm relay. Its internal calibration program displays all the information that can be changed through the keyboard.

FeedTronic 1001-A comes in two varieties, program for up to 5 hoppers or program for up to 15 hoppers


Technical Specifications:

Power: 220V, 50/60Hz

Batch per weighing: 5 Kg – 20 Kg

Restrictive Feeding: 5 Kg – 9999 Kg

Capacity per hour: 3600 Kg

Accuracy: 0.5%

Load Cell: 70Kg

System Weight: 12 Kg

In & Output: Serial RS 422

Display: Alpha numeric 2 x 16