Climate Controllers

Climate Controllers

The market of climate controllers, used in the poultry sector, is rapidly growing and filled with innovation and technologies. Agrologic, which specializes in climate controllers for poultry, has been in this market for more than 30 years and is one of the world leading companies in the field of advanced and user-friendly poultry climate controllers, along with bird weighing systems and platforms, feed weighing systems, egg counting and a variety of sensors. Using the wide range of products and accessories, Agrologic’s climate controllers enable the farmer to make his work more efficient and economical, while reaching improved results.

Agrologic’s poultry climate controllers

  • Custom designed program for each climate controller
  • User-friendly and affordable
  • Complete package for an end to end management of the poultry house
  • Compatible for all types of birds, such as broilers, layers, breeders and pullets.
  • All types of necessary sensors: CO2 sensor, feed sensor, light sensor, temperature sensor, and humidity sensor
  • The option for manual chick scales and automatic chick scales.
  • A variety of bird weighing platforms.
  • Unique alarm and communication system.
  • A world patent on Agrologic’s egg counters: the AL Egg Counter Series.
  • A world leader, selling in more than 80 countries across the globe.
  • Large diversification of feed weighing systems.
  • All products based on Israeli technology and innovation.


The poultry industry is steadily and continuously growing, featuring new demands and needs all the time. Agrologic specializes in answering those needs, allowing the farmer to have complete and full control over his farm. Using Agrologic’s climate controllers, as well as the rest of our wide product range, will transform the old and outdated working methods and give the farmer new and innovative tools and features, which will make his work more efficient and economical. As we custom design all the programs for our climate controllers, we give the farmer a tailor-made package, allowing him to have and use the exact features and function that he needs to run the farm at the maximum efficiency and best results.