TempTron 610



TempTron 610 is an easy-to-operate 10-output controller designed specifically for tunnel-ventilated poultry houses. It features 6 analog inputs for temperature sensors, humidity and static pressure sensors, 4 digital inputs for water, feed recording and feedback from inlet/cooling flaps.  Heating and ventilation are regulated according to bird age and weight. The unit also includes automatic temperature reduction and weight increase curves.

Central management is done from any PC using WebChick software or via the Cellink cellular alarm unit which makes it accessible using any device connected to the Internet (smart phone, tablet and computer).


TempTron 610 can be ordered in various standard versions, or as an OEM product with a custom designed program.


Technical Specifications:

Power supply: 115/230VAC

Inputs: 6 analog inputs for temperature sensors, humidity sensor (0-10V) and pressure sensor (0-10V).

4 digital inputs

Outputs:10  dry change-over contact max. 230V/2A

2 0-10V ouptputs

Display: 6 digits 7 segment display

Accuracy: +/- 0.2°C (+/- 0.3°F)