PigTronic 800

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PigTronic 800

PigTronic 800 is an 8-stage climate controller that provides exceptional results for swine raising. The unit controls fans, heaters, cooling systems and flaps. It can control variable speed fans up to 10/20 Amp minimum ventilation. Additional speed fan will be added in case temperature rises or more air is needed, as per the minimum ventilation and temperature curve programs. Floor heating can be controlled via a separate temperature sensor.

PigTronic 800 is intuitive and easy to control from any connected PC or mobile device using Cellink. It comes in various standard versions, and is also available as an OEM product.


Technical Specifications:

Power: 230V

Inputs: 4 analog inputs for temperature sensors, humidity sensor (0-10V),

Pressure sensor (0-10V).

  4 digital inputs

Outputs: 8 dry change over contacts max. 230V/2Amp

  2  output (0-10V).

  1 output (0-230VAC)  

Display: 6 digits 7 segment display

Accuracy: +/- 0.2°C (+/- 0.3°F)

Memory: Memory with power fail protection and backup