SW3 Feed Sensor


The SW-3

The SW-3 proximity sensor is an electronically controlled switch activated by most materials.


The use of electronic rather than mechanical switches ensures reliability, particularly as the electronics are completely sealed, which gives maximum protection against humidity, dust, and the like.


The SW-3 proximity sensor can replace any mechanical feed micro switch in the hopper, silo and last pan feeder.


The SW-3 is designed with a built-in microprocessor, which gives the unit unparalleled performance in sensitivity, time delay accuracy, ease of setup and a wide range of working temperatures. Equipped with a built-in changeover contact, it can stop the motor as feed reaches the sensor or start the motor when there is a lack of feed. The time delay is set by two pushbuttons with a delay ranging from 1 sec. to 2 hours, in 10-second increments. Connections are made via a 5-core cable directly to the power supply and to the motor contactor, alternatively to the motor itself (220V AC, max. 1 HP).


Sensors can be mounted in a PG36 screwed gland, hole diameter of 48 mm.

Or with rubber mounting gasket, hole diameter of 36 mm.


Technical Specifications:

Power supply:  90-250V AC

Relay Change over: NC/NO dry contact 220V 5A

Wire:  5 core 1 meter length, 2 color LED indication

Length: 110 mm

Sensor Diameter: 32 mm

Weight: 280 gr.

Delay time: 0 – 2 hours