LED Lighting


LED Lighting

The LumaLogic light system is the most advanced LED light system on the market for broiler and layer raising.

The LumaLogic LED lighting system is designed especially for the poultry field. The goal of the Luma Logic system is to supply the proper spectrum and intensity of light which will lead to;

  • Calmer birds.
  • Increased market body weight.
  • Reduced mortality.
  • Improved feed efficiency.
  • Reduce building energy costs.

These all total up to increased profits.

LumaLogic LED light fixtures contain two separate colors; blue and green for broiler birds, white and red for layers. Each color can be dimmed from 0-100%.

Technical specifications:PO3 power supply: operating voltage: 100 to 250VAC, 47 to 63 Hz.Total power consumption at maximum intensity: 78W.

Output: 0-10V

Input: 0-10V