Aclimatron 107



The Aclimatron 107 controller is a simple-to-use 4 output control unit that was especially designed to operate cooling systems. It’s equipped with one temperature sensor and an optional humidity sensor can be easily added. All you have to do is set the cooling systems temperature, cooling on time and minimum and maximum off times. As the temperature rises, the off time is automatically reduced.

The unit has a power supply output for the cooling system valve which can supply 12VAC/DC or 24VAC. Three built-in dry contacts are used to control house temperature according to temperature or humidity set points.

Aclimatron 107 handles all the cooling needs in a friendly, easy-to-operate solution.


Technical specifications

Outputs: 3 dry change over contacts max. 230V/2Amp

1 12/24V AC/DC

Inputs: 2 analog inputs for temperature sensors & humidity sensor.

Display: 6 digits 7 segment display

Accuracy: +/- 0.2°C (+/- 0.3°F)

Memory: Memory with power fail protection and backup