DCS Agrologic Gateway

  • The Agrologic DCS Gateway is a standalone advanced communicatio
  • The DCS stores all controller data which can then be recalled using the Agrologic WebChick Pro program, downloaded to a computer, and exported to an ERP
  • When used together with the Agrologic internet based WebChick Pro program, the DCS allows complete access to your Agrologic controllers for complete monitoring and control 24/7 from anywhere in the
  • Access to the DCS can be done from any internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Using a web browser, the Agrologic WebChick Pro program allows access to all controllers for complete monitoring and control.
  • The WebChick Pro main screen can be customized by the user to display only the information he
  • The WebChick Pro control screens are exactly the same as you see in the controller for a user- friendly experience.
  • User friendly configurable graphs and complete history can be displayed in the WebChick Pro

Technical Specifications:

OS: Linux

Interfaces: 4 X RS485 ports, 4G Modem, Lan

10/100, USB 2.0,WIFI

Display: 5-inch, capacitive touch 12VDC 2A

Power Supply: 12VDC 2A

Operation Temperature: 0-55

Length: 150 mm

Width: 35 mm

Height: 100 mm

Weight: 600 g