FeedTronic 5005


FeedTronic 5005

When precise restrictive feed control is a must, FeedTronic 5005 is the ultimate electronic silo weighing system especially designed for feeding in breeders and pullet houses. The unit can operate two separate feed augers from two different silos, and can distribute separate male and female feeds to up to 15 different hoppers.

Using load cells and mounting brackets to support 3 to 6-legged silos, FeedTronic 5005 displays the amount of feed in each silo separately, as well as daily and total feed quantity per hopper and total flock feed consumption.

FeedTronic 5005 can activate the feeder according to its preset clock and timers up to 8 times in 24 hours, and can give up to 16 different restrictive quantities each day.

Designed to give peace-of-mind, it will automatically stop the auger motor and activate the alarm in case the silo is empty or a malfunction.


Technical Specifications:

Power:  220V

Maximum load on 4 legs: 20 ton

Maximum load on 6 legs:  30 ton

Accuracy: +/- 0.1%

Resolution: 1 Kg.

Load Cell: 5 ton

Display: Alpha numeric 2 x 16